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1. Membership of the Wellingborough Old Grammarians Association is a pre-requisite of Membership of the Wellingborough Old Grammarians Bowls Club.
2. A Wellingborough Old Grammarians Bowls Club Subscription will be levied Annually at the AGM to cover
Affiliations & Insurance - This is Currently £7-50p
3. A separate W.O.G. Association Membership Fee will be levied by Wellingborough Old Grammarians Association HQ on the 1st September Annually. however a Wellingborough Old Grammarians Association Life Membership is available after Ten Years.
4. A Match Fee of £5-20p per person for each game, will be levied to cover the cost of Green Fees and the after match meal.
5. Dress Code for all Home games will be grey below the waist and white above with club cravats for women and club ties for men, and correct stickers on bowls.
6. Dress Code for all Away games will be whites, unless otherwise specified.

All Saturday and Sunday games at REDWELL will be played in GREYS