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1. The first named player/team is responsible for:
(a) Arranging the match by giving the opponent(s) up to 3 dates.
(b) Booking the Rink in advance - [Redwell available from late morning].
(c) Arranging a marker (Singles only)
(d) Drawing and returning the green gate key from the Redwell Centre reception.
2. [a] Mens Singles-Play 10 ends or 21 Shots (whichever comes first). Final will be over 12 ends
[b] Ladies Singles - Play 10 ends or 21 Shots (whichever comes first). Final will be over 12 ends
3. Drawn Pairs - Play 10 ends up to final. Final will be over 12ends.
4. Triples - Play 8 ends up to final. Final will be over 10 ends. **
5. In the event of a tie, an extra end shall be played to obtain a result.
6. There will be NO dead Ends, a Dead End will count as an end played.
7. Matches affected by Weather after 10 ends [very hot or downpour] do not have to be replayed.
8. Green fees must be paid on each occasion by the competing players. Pre-booking is required at
Redwell Leisure Centre.
9. Greys/White to be worn during matches.
10. Matches must be played as close as possible to the stated dates.
11. Winners are responsible for inserting their names on the competition draw sheet after the match, and informing the Competitions Secretary.
12. Please ensure the trolley with ALL equipment used at Redwell is returned INSIDE the Leisure Centre back door after use, [the duty staff can no longer perform this duty] and that the gate to the green is securely locked and key returned to centre reception.
** Para 4 only applies to Triples played over our current one day format,